Jugaadify Selfie Stick Tripod Stand

Shoot Wonderful Moment and Captures Memories for Life

This Jugaadify selfie stick is a great option that can be used for individual as well as group photos, or as a tripod to shoot stable videos. It is easily foldable and can be carried anywhere.

Fit with most 3.5-6 inch Screen Smartphones

Adjustable Phone Holder

Detachable Bluetooth Remote

Convenient to Carry Around

3 months warranty from the date of purchase

Jugaadify selfie stick

Fit into 3.5-6 inch Screen

Compatible with most of the smartphones in the market, such as iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, LG, Redmi, Oppo, Vivo, Nokia etc.

Adjustable Phone Holder:

It comes with a 270° rotation head that allows you to take any photos you want by simply rotating the angle. You are bound to love this selfie stick.

Compact and Lightweight:

The folded length is just 7.6 inches with only 132g weight, so it can be easily and freely put into the bag while you don’t need its help.

Detachable Bluetooth Remote:

It also comes with an in-built remote which is present on the handle that can be used wirelessly to capture shots. It is perfect for solo or group selfies.

Convenient to Carry Around:

Light-weight, foldable, and compact design makes it easy to carry. Suitable for face-time, photography, videos, business and more.

Easy to set up, Easy to use:

Turn on the shutter by switching the camera button on the remote control, SelfieCom will enter into pairing mode and the indicator LED flash quickly.

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