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Indian Railways: What do SL, 1A, 2A, 3A, 2S, CC & EC Mean?

indian railway train classes meaning

Indian Railways uses a lot of abbreviations, and you’ve probably heard at least one of them at some point. Moreover, there are also a variety of terms that are used to identify the class of a ticket, as well. SL, 1A, 2A, 3A, 2S, CC, and EC are some of the most commonly used train classes, but do you know what they actually mean?

Fortunately, if you are not familiar with the definition of these railway classes then now is your chance to learn since we have explained in detail the meaning of all these railway classes in this article.

Indian Railways Train Classes Meaning Explained:

What is SL in Train?

SL in a train stands for Sleeper Class, which is one of the most popular classes in Indian Railways. This is where most passengers travel. The Sleeper Class typically consists of 72 to 78 seats, with a configuration such as 3 + 3 + 2 or something like that. It means that there are three seats on each side of the compartment and two in the aisle.

sl meaning in railway

What is CC in Train?

CC is an abbreviation for Chair Class on Indian Railways. This coach is fully air-conditioned and consists of only seats that are three per row. As the Indian Railways take great care to maintain these coaches, they are clean and well maintained. In my opinion, travelling in a chair car is like traveling by air and by bus simultaneously.

chair car indian railway meaning

What is EC in Train?

In Indian railways, EC stands for Executive Class. This is the most expensive and prestigious class of all. Tickets are almost as expensive as domestic flight tickets. For the time being, the Executive Class is only available on three types of express trains: the Tejas Express, the Gatimaan Express, and the Shatabdi Express.

There is no doubt that the AC executive class is extremely popular among business travellers. It is ideal for short train trips of less than five hours.

Seats in the AC executive class are configured as 2+2 across the carriage, ensuring privacy and space. The toilets are also clean. Every seat has a small foldable table and a screen. Food and drinks are also provided at no cost.

ec meaning in indian railway

What is 1A in Train?

1A stands for the first-class category in Indian Railways. In Shatabdi Express, this class is also referred to as Executive Class (EC). As this is the most luxurious class of railway tickets that can be booked, the fare for these tickets may be higher than the fare for a flight ticket. The coaches here are divided into cabins, and most of them are equipped with four seats each. All the seats are very comfortable in this coach.

Moreover, the food that is provided is available in a wide variety in this coach. If you book a seat in 1A then the TTE will assign the seat to you before the trip begins, so please keep that in mind when booking a seat in 1A. 

1a meaning in railway

What is 2A in Train?

In the Indian Railways, 2A stands for the second class. Despite having fewer features than first-class coaches, it offers superior service and comfort than 3A-class. When it comes to the seating arrangement in 2A, then there are 6 berths per compartment but no middle berth.

As a result, passengers have plenty of space to stretch out, as opposed to cramped third AC coaches. In support of all this, it is important to point out that the seats are spacious and there are curtains in each compartment. This isn’t the case on 3A coaches which have no curtains.

Also, each berth is equipped with a reading lamp for use by passengers who need it for personal reasons. The food in the second and third Ac train is the same! However, you might find that attendants are more attentive in 2A and are more willing to bring whatever you request (extra roti, extra rice, extra dal, even extra pillows) however, in 3A attendants tend to be more adamant and may refuse to bring anything to you.

2a meaning in railway

What is 3A in Train?

3A – Most middle-class Indian passengers prefer the Third AC class, which is also known as the 3A class or the AC 3-tier class. Generally, the coach has 8 berths per compartment, and the number of seats in a single coach ranges from 64 to 72.

If you want to make the lower berth into a middle berth, you can pull up the back of the lower berth. However, it is not possible to sit upright with all three berths open if you open the lower berth.

Further, In 3A class berths, there is no reading lamp, which is a standard feature on 1AC and First AC sleeper coaches. On top of that the washrooms are not as clean as those in the 2AC and 1AC sleeper classes.

3a meaning in railway

What is 2S in Train?

2S is an abbreviation for Second Seating on Indian Railways. The 2S class coach is the cheapest way to travel on Indian Railways. This type of train can be found on the majority of daytime Intercity and Janshatabdi trains. While the seats aren’t particularly comfortable, if you’re only travelling a short distance, these are the tickets to purchase. Six seats are arranged in a row. This means that there are 108 seats in total in 2S per bogie.

2s meaning in indian railway

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