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Top 10 Best Room Heaters In India 2022

best room heaters in india

Looking for the best room heaters in India? Look no further! In this article, we will be reviewing the top 10 best room heater for home. We will also provide a detailed review of each heater, along with a buying guide and FAQ. So whether you are looking for an affordable option, or want to get the most out of your money, we have you covered!

List of Best Room Heaters in India

1. Havells OFR 11 Fin Room Heater
2. Morphy Richards Aristo PTC Room Heater
3. Morphy Richards OFR 13-Fin Room Heater
4. Usha 3809 F 2000-Watt Oil Filled Radiator
5. Havells 2000-Watt Room Heater
6. Bajaj Majesty RX11 2000-Watt Room Heater
7. Orpat OEH 1220 2000-Watt Fan Heater
8. Bajaj 2000 Watt Room Heater
9. Havells Cista Room Heater
10. Morphy Richards Orbit 2000 Watts PTC Room Heater

1) Havells OFR 11 Fin Room Heater

Rating: 9/10

The Havell OFR Room Heater is one of the best room heater for winter in India. This appliance comes with 3 settings: 1000/1500w and 2500W of power so you can choose just how much heat to give off in your home depending on what time of year it is or how cold it’s outside!

With 400 watts dedicated solely to heating as well as an overheat protection feature, this has got all bases covered! The temperature control includes thermostatic features that allow users to set their desired warmth level from cool-to-warm without any hassle at all.

Overall I would recommend giving this Havell room heater a try – afterall who doesn’t want warm toes during these chilly days?

2) Morphy Richards Aristo PTC Room Heater

Rating: 8.3/10

The Morphy Richards Aristo PTC Room Heater is a compact heater that you can easily move around the house as you stay warm as needed regardless of the space.

Equipped with a 2000-watt heating element, the design gives you full control over the temperature as you remain comfortable all day long. Additionally, this model includes a 5-level security feature for any fire hazards.

3) Morphy Richards OFR 13-Fin Room Heater

Rating: 8.3/10

Utilize this highly practical, Morphy Richards oil-filled radiator to warm up your room for an enjoyable temperature. The finned design is compact enough to fit in small areas, and the thermostat allows you to remotely adjust the room’s setting. Plus, this heater is silent, so it won’t interfere with your peace of mind.

  • Full Room Warmth: 25 Watts 13 Fin Oil Filled Radiator for Noiseless Full Room Comfort During Winters
  • Personalized Comfort: Customized to your heating needs with an adjustable thermostat to maintain desired room temperature
  • Peace of Mind: Featuring safety tilt & an auto thermal shutoff to prevent overheating, Ergonomically designed switch for easy operation
  • Efficient: OFR 13F comes with a 4 Watt PTC fan heater for better heating efficiency

4) Usha 3809 F 2000-Watt Oil Filled Radiator

Rating: 8/10

Usha Room Heater takes the number 4th position in our list of best room heaters in India. This Usha Oil Filed Radiator is a good choice if you’re looking for something that won’t face overheating and automatically shuts off in case of abnormality.

It also has powder-coated fins that prevent rust, an adjustable thermostat that lets you customize its heat settings to your liking, 3 heat settings with 2000 W (6 kW), 1200 W (4 kW) and 800 W power output, so you can use these individual settings according to your needs.

5) Havells 2000-Watt Room Heater

Rating: 7.8/10

The Havells 2000-Watt Room Heater features two heat settings of 1400 W and 2000 W, which you can adjust using dual-directional adjustable vents to impart the better air delivery, an automatic shut-off in case you set the temperature from the wanted range, and a 1-year warranty.

  • Power input: 23 V ; Frequency: 5 Hz ; Cord length: 1 m – 8 m
  • Thermostatic control: Yes
  • Cord storage: Internal-cord-storage
  • Room Size- Upto 15 sqft
  • Power: 2 watts.

6) Bajaj Majesty RX11 2000-Watt Room Heater

Rating: 7.8/10

The Bajaj Majesty RX11 2000 Watts Heated Convector Room Heater ensures warmth in cold winter time. With 400 W of fan forced hot air, the heater offers immediate heat at the touch of a button.

The heater is customised to your heating needs, and features a thermostat on the dial with two temperature settings: 800 watts and 2000 watts.

7) Orpat OEH 1220 2000-Watt Fan Heater

Rating: 7.6/10

Orpat provides you this fan heater, which is white in colour, and has a power capacity of 2000 watts. It will help you provide heat to a small to medium-sized room that has an approximate flooring area of 250 square feet. The heater features two settings of 1,000 watts and 2,000 watts, which you can use to correctly maintain the heat in your living space.

It is recommended not to plug this Orpat room heating device into a standard 5 A or 6 A socket, you will need a 3-pin plug or extension cord to act as a 5-15 A converter, but it can’t be used for a long time with an extension cord.

8) Bajaj 2000 Watt Room Heater

Rating: 7/10

Bajaj room heater design makes it easy for anyone to transport. Two heat settings enable you to adjust the wattage of the heating element to either 1000 or 2000 watts.

The body material of the bajaj blow hot fan heater is ABS, which provides high impact resistance in addition to toughness, and its grille material is plastic.

9) Havells Cista Room Heater

Rating: 6.5/10

Havells Cista Room Heater comes with a cool touch body. The body comes with a non-heating coating, which helps in preventing your hands from getting burned whenever you touch it.You will not face any heating issue with this room heater presented by Havells.

It is built with a cooling fan function that will keep the appliance cool. Further this room heater comes with a thermostat control knob installed in it. The knob can help you to easily regulate the temperature. You can adjust the heating as per your convenience.

10) Morphy Richards Orbit 2000 Watts PTC Room Heater

Rating: 6.5/10

With a power rating of 2000 watts, the Morphy Richards Orbit PTC Room Heater is a smart and instant solution to warm up your room/office in minutes. Easy to use, the room heater features variable setting knobs to set the power and control temperature.

You can customise the settings manually as per your needs.The generous size of the heater makes it very convenient to shift from one room to another. The lightweight and robust body adds more to its portability.

Buying Guide: Best Room Heater For Winter

Here are some of the tips which you should keep in mind before buying room heater online in India.

  • Size of room – First, you want to think about the size of your room. You do not want a room heater that is too big or too small for your bedroom. Look at the dimensions and decide what will be appropriate for you.
  • Number of People – The number of people in the room also has an effect on how warm you want it to be. If there are many people, then a room heater with higher output may be more suitable than if there is only one person or two people. For example, if there are just two people in the room then it will be a lot warmer than when there are six people.
  • Safety – Safety is always an important factor to consider. You want the room heater that will be safe in your room without posing a fire hazard or any other type of danger, so you should read reviews and find out what others say about how reliable it is for safety purposes. Also, To avoid electric shocks, make sure there are no exposed wires that may come in contact with any water.
  • Portability – This may not be a feature that is necessary for everyone, but if you are going to be moving the unit around from one room to another or want it by your bedside as well, then this will come in handy. This also means the unit can’t take up too much space and should have an easy handle design.
  • Thermostatic heat control – This is a feature that will control the heating power of your space heater by automatically adjusting to increase or decrease its temperature.
  • Warranty – A good warranty is also a key factor to consider because you want a room heater that not only has high-quality features but will be able to last and have some sort of protection if it stops working. You don’t want to go through the hassle of an expensive repair or replacement, so make sure there’s a clear warranty in place.
  • Price – Lastly, price is a factor in choosing the best room heater company in india for you. There are options for a lot of different prices and you may want to spend more on your room heater if it has features that will make it easier or more enjoyable to use.

Best Room Heaters in India – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which are the best room heater brands in India?

    The best room heater brands in India are Havells, Morphy Richards & Usha. Room heaters from these three popular brands offer different features. They also come with a buyers’ protection warranty so you can buy them without fear of problems in the future.

  • What are the different types of room heaters available in India?

    There are a number of different types of room heaters available in India. You can find oil-filled radiators, convection heaters or radiant heater.

  • What is the difference between an electric room heater and a convection room heater?

    Electric room heaters work by heating a metal coil with electricity and then releasing the hot air into your room. These models tend to have lower wattage ratings because they are keeping the coils cool without a fan. Convection room heaters, on the other hand, use natural convection currents to disperse heated air throughout your space through a fan.

  • Can I place any room heater near an open window?

    It depends on the size of the heater. If it’s a small, personal space heater (such as an oil-filled radiator), you can position it up against an open window without any problems.

    However, if your room heater is bigger than 500 watts and produces more heat than 150 cubic feet per minute then we recommend that you place it at least six inches away from an open window to avoid placing a child or pet in danger.

  • Can I place a room heater against the wall?

    No, you should never place a room heater against the wall. Doing so will make it difficult to check for any type of potential fire hazards and could easily lead to an electrical malfunction. You’ll want to keep at least three feet away from the nearest combustible object like furniture or bedding and be sure that there’s nothing in front of the heater that could block the air flow.

  • Can I put the room heater on the carpet?

    No, you should never place a room heater on the carpet because it will trap moisture and potentially make your home humid. You’ll want to find a hard surface like tile or wood flooring for where the unit plugs into an outlet to avoid any potential risks of shock from contact with water.

  • Can I leave a space heater on all night?

    No, you should always turn off the heater when it’s not needed. It might be tempting to have it on all night so that you can heat up your room before bed but doing so will cause an unnecessary increase in energy usage and potentially lead to overheating or even a fire hazard.

  • How do I clean my room heater?

    It depends on the type of room heater you have. If it’s a convection model, then you should wipe down any dust from the outside and use dampened paper towels to wipe off excess dirt inside.

    For an oil-filled radiator, you want to vacuum at least once per year or whenever it starts looking dirty because this will help keep the dust from building up and damaging your heater.

Conclusion: In conclusion, if you’re looking for the best room heaters in India 2022, the following products should be at the top of your list. They’re all highly rated and have received positive feedback from users on Amazon. If you’re still unsure which one to buy, our buying guide can help you make a decision. So whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, or something that will provide superior performance, we hope this detailed review has helped.

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