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Top 5 Best Eyebrow Trimmer for Ladies in India

eyebrow trimmer for women

Eyebrows are a crucial part of your face. They can make or break the look you’re going for. If they’re too thin, you might look surprised all the time; too thick and it can be hard to express yourself through your brows. So it’s important to keep them looking sharp and well-groomed.

But what if you have no idea how to groom those brows?

Never fear! This blog post is here to help with some top picks for best eyebrow trimmers in India for ladies that will leave you feeling confident about your brow game!

But before I share the list, let me explain in brief how to use eyebrow trimmer safely.

How to use an Eyebrow Trimmer?

The first step is to make sure your eyebrows are clean and dry. Trimming eyebrows is most definitely a delicate task and you don’t want any unnecessary distractions. If there is makeup on your eyebrows, it would be best to clean them off with some remover or soap before trimming.

Step 1: Start by lifting your eyebrow up to the desired position that you want to start from. Then start at the beginning of your eyebrow, by making a small mark. Use this as your guide to trim.

Step 2: Start slowly from one end of the eyebrow and make small snips as you go along until you get to the other end of your eyebrow.

Step 3: Then do the same on the other side using your guide mark.

Step 4: Use the same snipping technique but this time with longer trimming sessions to remove coarse hair from around the edges and corners of your eyebrows. This will make them look more natural and defined.

Step 5: After you’ve finished trimming your eyebrows, wash them off and wipe all the stray hairs away with a damp cloth.

Then apply some moisturizer or eyebrow gel to keep them in place.

And that’s it! You are done using an eyebrow trimmer!

Safety Tips When Trimming Eyebrows:

Here are some of the safty tips and precautions which women should follow while using the eyebrow trimmer.

  • Always check if your eyebrow trimmer is in operating condition.
  • Make sure that the blade of your preferred eyebrow trimmer is sharp and clean before using it. A dull or dirty blade may cause injuries. Scrubbing it with a toothbrush and soap will make it more effective.
  • Always wash your hands when done trimming. This is to avoid infections or other skin irritations.
  • Keep it at a safe distance from your face to avoid accidental injuries and cuts.
  • Avoid using the pointy tip of the tool when trimming your eyebrows. It creates small scratches that can hurt you or cause infections later on.
  • Avoid pulling, stretching and tugging your eyebrows when using an eyebrow trimmer. This can cause injuries to the affected parts of your body.
  • Use a pair of scissors to trim excess hair after using your trimmer.
  • Always read the instructions on how to clean and maintain your preferred eyebrow trimmer. This way, you can make it last longer and prevent accidents that could happen with an improperly used tool.
  • Also, check the warranty before making a purchase in case there are issues that you can’t solve yourself.

List of Best eyebrow trimmer for ladies in India 2022

Here is a list showing some of the best eyebrow trimmer brands in India along with their prices.

1.Veet Sensitive Eyebrow Trimmer for Women

This Veet eyebrow trimmer is one of the best eyebrow trimmer in India for women. It comes with a variety of attachments that make it easier to groom your eyebrows, upper lip, sideburns (even for bikini lines). The head can be adjusted easily so you can reach every curve smoothly without any snags. And coming in its own carrying pouch makes this product even more convenient!

2.VEGA Silk Touch Eyebrow Trimmer

The VEGA Silk Touch Trimmer is the perfect device for all your delicate body parts. The precision trimmer makes it easy to trim, shape and style your eyebrows or sideburns with its two detachable heads and combs. You can also be sure that this hypoallergenic razor won’t cause any irritation thanks to its sharp stainless steel blades! With a 45 minute run time, you’ll get more than enough time using the battery-operated trimmer as well – making grooming quick & painless without any hassle.

3.Philips Touch-Up HP6388 Eyebrows Trimmer

For those who want that perfectly groomed look, this Philips eyebrow trimmer is perfect. It features double-sided blades with different lengths for precision cutting so you can get the precise shape and length of your eyebrows. The blade also cuts gently to avoid irritation or any redness on sensitive skin while trimming facial hair. Furthermore, Philips eyebrow trimmer is small enough to fit in a handbag or clutch, and it’s battery-powered, so you can carry it with you wherever you choose. A single AAA battery is included. For all of these reasons, we have placed it at number 3rd position in our list of best eyebrow trimmer for ladies in india.

4.Painless Eyebrows Trimmer for Women

Ladies, this is the perfect tool for you to have in your makeup bag! It’s lightweight yet exclusive and easy-to-use. The 2-1 women’s hair remover is designed for daily application on the eyebrow, upper and lower lip, cheeks, chin, and neck to keep up with hair regrowth and leave it smooth. It’s great for peach fuzz and fine hair. Slowly move in a circular motion to complete the task.

5.Philips Norelco Eyebrow & Facial Trimmer

The Philips Norelco trimmer takes 5th position in our list of eyebrow trimmer for women in india. It is a uniquely designed, fully washable facial hair and eyebrow trimming tool. It can also be used to groom ears and nose hairs without the risk of injury or pulling out too much hair at once. When you’re on the go and in need of a quick trim, this battery-operated trimmer is perfect for any situation! It can be carried anywhere with its travel case and has no cord to worry about.

Buying Guide: Best eyebrow trimmer in India 2022

There’re several essential factors that you need to consider when making your next purchase of an eyebrow trimmer, and we’ve assembled them all in this comprehensive buying guide.

1:Blade Material

The type of blade that you’ll want to opt for is titanium. Titanium blades are sharp and durable. They can withstand great amounts of pressure without breaking or bending. If your blade breaks, it means that the tool is not serving its purpose effectively, so bear this in mind when making an eyebrow trimmer purchase.

2: Eyebrow Trimmer Type:

There’re 2 types of eyebrow trimmers: electric and manual. As the name suggests, the former is an electronic tool that you can operate using a power cord or battery. The latter however is basically a manual device where you’ll have to do all your trimming and grooming on your own. If you are looking for a quick fix to your unruly eyebrows, you may want to go for an electric model. If however, you are looking for a tool that can save you some time while grooming and trimming your facial hair, manual will be your best option.


Some eyebrow trimmers come with blades of different sizes, which means that you’ll be able to trim parts of your eyebrows with precision. The blade sizes can also help limit the possibilities of injury when trimming your eyebrows. It is also essential that you pay attention to the length of the actual body of your eyebrow trimmer, as it makes trimming easier and more convenient for you.

4:Battery And Corded Usage

It’s also vital that you take note if an eyebrow trimmer is battery-powered or corded operated. Battery models are more convenient to use because you can bring them almost everywhere. Corded ones, on the other hand, are excellent for people who want to save on their expenses in terms of power consumption and maintenance.

5: Wet/Dry Usage

The best-rated eyebrow trimmers today are also waterproof or water-resistant. You can use these power tools in the shower or when you’re washing your face. This means that they are now more hygienic to use and easy to maintain.

6: Price Range

When making a purchase, don’t limit yourself on how much you should spend, but make sure instead that you get an eyebrow trimmer that fits into your budget. There are several models to choose from, and you’ll be able to find something that will fit your budget while ensuring quality.

7: Maintenance And Safety Features

Another vital factor, especially if you have children or pets at home is how safe the tool is to use. Choose an eyebrow trimmer with a safety feature so you can either lock the blade to prevent it from coming out by accident, or one that has a protective cap to place on when it’s not in use. As mentioned above, you should also look for one with a power switch that is easily accessible and easy to turn off.

FAQs: Best Eyebrow Trimmer for Women in India

  • Are electric eyebrow trimmers safe to use?

    Yes, eyebrow trimmers are completely safe for the eyes. That is one of its primary uses! Many women like to keep their eyebrows perfectly shaped and styled by using an eyebrow trimmer. The blades of these kinds of trimmers are angled so that they can smoothly get rid of any hair that is growing in the wrong direction without coming into contact with the eye.

  • Do I need an expensive eyebrow trimmer?

    If you’re looking for a great eyebrow trimmer, don’t just purchase one based on its price. Instead of focusing solely on the cost, think about what features matter most to you and look at reviews online before making your decision so that you can feel confident in your choice.

  • Do all eyebrow trimmers come with a cap to protect the blade?

    This will depend on the brand of your eyebrow trimmer. Some brands include caps with their products, while others do not. It doesn’t really matter too much either way though because you can always purchase a separate cap for your product if it doesn’t come included! You can also use a small piece of tissue or cotton to protect your blade and keep it clean as you shave.

  • How often should you trim your eyebrows?

    This will depend on your personal preference. If you prefer to keep a longer eyebrow, then trimming your eyebrows every couple of weeks may be fine for you. On the other hand, if you like to keep things short and sweet, then trimming your brows can happen more frequently than that!

  • Should we remove the battery from the eyebrow trimmer when not in use?

    When not in use, you should remove the battery from the eyebrow trimmer. Doing so will help prolong the life of your battery and keep it working properly for a long time. If you remove the battery from your eyebrow trimmer, make sure to keep it away from metallic objects. This prevents it from getting short-circuited and being useless.

    The best way to store your eyebrow trimmer is to wrap a piece of tissue around its blade. This will prevent the blade’s surface from being scratched or dulled over time.

  • Does the hair grow back thicker and darker if you trim your eyebrows?

    No, it does not! Trimming or plucking your eyebrows will not make them grow back any better or any worse than they were before you trimmed them. It can, however, give you a great base to work with when you want to fill in your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil or powder.

  • Can an eyebrow trimmer be used by both men and women?

    Yes! Both men and women can use eyebrow trimmers. They’re a great way to smooth out your facial hair without needing to spend too much money on other products. These little devices are also helpful if you don’t want to have any unwanted facial hair (like brows that grow in the wrong direction) but don’t feel like paying for expensive waxing services.

We’re going to answer some Frequently Asked Questions about eyebrow trimmers below so you know what you should look for when purchasing one!

Conclusion: We hope we’ve helped you find the best eyebrow trimmer in India for your needs. Now that you know what to look for, it will be easy to make a purchase and get started on shaping your eyebrows in style! If there is anything else you need when purchasing an eyebrow trimmer or if this post was helpful please let us know in the comments section below. Thank you so much for reading our blog!

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